www.skazkina.com  Internet shop is a kingdom of dresses from the designer Olga Skazkina. She does not simply draw sketches, but embodies her own ideas on a cloth and unites them with a thread; she creates happiness for women.
Each page of www.skazkina.com Internet shop proves that dreams come true! The story of Olga Skazkina, who is committed and full of enthusiasm, diligence and the "sixth" sense which have once helped her to lay everything on one card for her biggest dream.
Olga Skazkina does not aspire to become famous. You cannot see her at high-society events; she does not seek for publicity. She simply creates.
Love to fashion and style is in Olga's blood. Her great grandfather was a tailor of men's suits, and her grandmother was a designer-tailor. The grandmother has taught her the basic skills using which Olga started to sew clothes for her and to experiment with styles and fabrics when she was 14 years old. And she's been improving her skills constantly. It seemed her future was obvious: finishing school and winning the recognition in the world of fabrics, threads, accessories. But... Olga Skazkina has studied civil engineering. You may wonder if she has ever regretted her choice. Her answer will be short and clear - no, she has not. And you can discern this answer in her dresses: zigzag patterns, accurate lines, non-standard colours.
But once Olga Skazkina decided to put her shirt for her dream. She left the international building company which offered brilliant career opportunities for her, and started to work in a simple tailor studio in order to see and understand the whole structure of sewing manufacture from scratch. After a year of working there, she got a skilled hand in the sphere and founded own small studio in 2009 with a starting capital of 1500 dollars. She rented a small premise of 11 m2 and had only a table, a sewing machine, an inexpensive zigzagger, a sofa, a mirror and of course a huge desire to produce beautiful clothes... Today, these are already nice memoirs.
Now Olga Skazkina is not only a name of the young woman who has made her dream come true, but a popular Russian brand, OLGA SKAZKINA. Industrial scale of tailoring in Russia, faithful workers, Internet shop with the same name - www.skazkina.com and collections which are always in demand and get only positive feedback not only from fashionistas from all over the world, but also from many well-known person. This is trusted and respectful brand with promising future. 
"Success of OLGA SKAZKINA brand is not only my merit; this is a result of great work of our team. I am surrounded by high-class professionals, partners, reliable friends and my family. I am grateful to the God for the people who have once believed in me, and for having a chance to develop the talent given to me by the God. I risked and made my hobby to my proffesion which brings me happiness, harmony and prosperity. I am very glad to receive numerous feedbacks from my clients who write that my dresses make them looking stylish, modern, self-confident and give them a feeling of being a real Woman, inspiring men for great exploits. The woman is a source of life, love, peace and inspiration for the man. Dear women, may you be beautiful, beloved and happy, and do not be afraid to make your dreams come true!"